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The Simplest Sale We Ever Experienced...

"Working with Monkey Buys Houses has been awesome.  I quickly received a fair, all cash offer to purchase my house and closed when I requested.  I was very happy with the offer I received, and I appreciated how comfortable we were made to feel throughout the closing process.  If you are looking to sell your house fast, I highly recommend working with "Monkey Buys Houses."

Tammy & Richard Ferguson

“It would be my pleasure to recommend such a nice, pleasant group to any know loved one in need of your help. Also, strangers if they chose to listen to my comments.

Best of luck to you and all of your associates.

Continue your Excellent Service! Honesty, Courtesy, Accuracy, all Excellent!”

Alice C.

“Everyone made the sale so easy and were very cooperative with our requests.”

Thomas & Jeanne W.

To The The Monkey Buys Houses Team,

We want to thank you for the kindness and compassion you showed to our Mother and Step-Dad relating to the offer on their home. You seem to have a way with senior citizens, and come to think of it, with distraught adult children so well.

The closing went quickly and smoothly and the whole process of selling from beginning to end, was downright pleasant. What a complete surprise!!

So thank you again.

Take Care and God Bless.

Robin H.  & Jill T.

My House Was Ugly, And Monkey Buys Houses Still Bought It...

"I recently inherited a property and it was a mess.  The whole house needed redone.  When I called Monkey Buys Houses I quickly received an all CA$H offer to purchase the property.  I was so relieved that I wouldn't need to make any repairs to that piece of junk!"

Ricky Espenosa

In the three years I have known the owners, they has always been courteous, energetic, detail oriented and professional in their personal and business presentation. Their knowledge and experience gives them the ability to create win win solutions for their customers needing out-of-the-box solutions. I highly recommend Monkey Buys Houses to anyone needing their services.

Tim Cook President, TMC Property Solutions, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Entrepreneur

Monkey Buy Houses is very professional, honest, and trustworthy and a true problem solver. They are very good at estimating repairs and as-is values on homes in the all areas. When they make an offer, they are spot-on. I would recommend Monkey Buys Houses for both buying homes and selling to investors. You can bet they will do their best to make every situation a win for everyone involved.

Janet Perry Owner, Road To Freedom Realty, LLC and Real Estate Consultant

It is my pleasure to give Monkey Buys Houses my heart felt recommendation. The owners are honest and very a knowledgeable real estate investor. My affiliation with the owners has helped my investing business tremendously.

Dennis Henson President at Vanguard Marketing & Investments Inc.

The owner of Monkey Buys Houses and I met about 10 years ago. Our son's played on the same little league baseball team, which is how we met. We immediately established a valuable friendship. We both have a keen sense of sales and networking abilities. Over the years he has advised me of various work endeavors in which I was involved and his recommendations have helped me immensely.

Tony Dillard  Regional Sales Director